iPECS eMG100

It’s a cost effective hybrid platform that supports IP, digital, analog, and UC devices, so you can work from any device with any technology. When looking for a communication system and value for money comes as the main decision-making factor. iPECS eMG100 provides many built-in solutions that will maximize your return on investment. TDM interfaces, built-in VoIP and VM capacity with emergency alarm and relay and paging features are all embedded as default. Compact design, single cabinet with many of the communication features included out of the box. Enjoy your best-in-class hybrid communication system with iPECS eMG100.

Product Description

iPECS eMG100

Simple single cabinet

With a single cabinet solution it removes the hassle of carrying multiple cabinet types for your communications solution. iPECS eMG100 comes as a single cabinet that can be wall mounted or 19-inch rack mount depending on your requirements. All ports are equipped with a RJ45 interface to have universal compatibility. Whether you are looking for series of capacity upgrades, complete hardware expansion or technology upgrade from TDM to IP, this single cabinet simplifies your solution options. Add an additional license to connect another iPECS eMG100 cabinet to simply double your communication power.

Prepare for growth

Be prepared for expansion, with a seamlessly scalable communications system. It’s easy to add capacity, along with all the features you need for easy expandability. Take advantage of the business communications platform that adapts to your requirements.

Integrated Applications

Fully integrated applications bringing the full power of iPECS to every device. Specialist applications for unified communications, contact centre, mobile working and system administration. Simple on-screen analysis of all your communications activity and costs

Rich Features

Highly featured straight out of the box without expensive licence options – voicemail, auto attendant, voicemail to email, smartphone integration, on-demand call recording and much more. Specialist features designed to support users across your enterprise from managing director to receptionist, delivering a tailored solution for every user.


iPECS eMG100

  • Ease of use
  • Integrated voicemail and auto attendant
  • Mobile working
  • Remote and home based working
  • Ericsson-LG and integrated applications
  • Contact centre and call center working
  • SIP ready
  • Wide range of handsets, smartphone app and specialist phones
  • Voicemail to email
  • On-demand or specialist call recording
  • IP, digital or SLT options to suit your business at your pace


iPECS eMG100 Datasheet


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