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The Wireless SOHO is the wireless telephony solution based on the Ericsson-LG’s DECT technology addressing SOHO markets. So there’s no need for extension cabling and it’s very easy to move and expand.

Product Description

iPECS Wireless/DECT

The wireless SOHO is easy to use by its plug and play self-installation and large LCD display for easy programming. The Wireless SOHO gives customers a lot of benefits during installation, management and operation.

  • SLT interface and fax tone detection
  • Up to 3 CO lines with maximum 8 handsets / 7 wireless terminals
  • Base Station (LWS-BS) and 2 kinds of wireless terminals, desktop phone (LWS-WK) or wireless handset GDC-400H/450H DECT.

iPECS Wireless/DECT Datasheet


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