Sip Trunking

Sip Trunking

Sip trunking is a cost-effective alternative to ISDN and PSTN and has all the benefits of IP Communications, like resilence, flexibility and scalability. Businesses looking for ways to reduce costs will find SIP Trunking to be an ideal solution.

SIP trunking is a packet-based service which will dynamically consolidate all voice and data traffic over a single IP circuit and enables the SIP Service Provider to carry local, domestic and international long distance, and low-cost calls, in addition to video, email, Internet, and other data.

Sip Trunk advantages include number portability enabling you to keep your old number and the flexibility to add additional Sip Trunks at a very low cost!


Bill Analysis

We will analysis your telephone bill and recommend changes to save money.
Reducing call cost charges, whilst maintaining the quality of service.

To simplify this process, just provide us with a copy of your latest phone bill.
Usually, we can save between 25% – 30% on your current provider.

Contact us now see what we can do for you. 

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